I’m hesitating when I think of doing map reviews. There’s a couple of reasons. First, I made a map – it developed over a couple of years and went through several widely different versions. I know from experience that you cannot judge a map by playing it one time. This ESPECIALLY goes for balance testing. However, I think it’s fair to give my first impressions of playing a map.

Ctf_turbine, by mapper Bill Johnston, was a lot of fun. It had a big, open area in the middle surrounded by catwalks. Like all middle areas in all maps, this needed to be controlled fiercely. Our team got our backsides handed to us in little Glad bags on this map – we didn’t control this area:
r0tax ٭ Ω is looking good!
I really liked the clean visuals in this map, particularly in the mid. It had a nice sense of scale, too; I like those big windows.

At some point I became a door defender, to stave off the mid-controlling Blue guys who were begging to be let in:
That’s right. I sprayed him good.

Eventually they broke through and came back to our spawn and Intel area. *SNIFF*
Ïsilocybin is looking good!_0001

There’s also a nice alternate route (every map should have one) that takes you through to the Intel, in the ventilation shafts(a’la tc_hydro). It was used effectively by the other team, let me put it that way.

I had a blast on this map, even though I died quite a bit, and never saw the enemy side….Actually I did get over there once, by some miracle, and to my disappointment it was exactly the same!! But so it is on most maps. All in all I think Turbine was a good choice by Valve and a fine addition to the rotation and votelist.

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4 Responses to “First Impressions: ctf_Turbine”

  1. ottothecow

    I had a good time on it last night too although my first impressions are a bit different.

    When I played, NOBODY controlled the center, everyone instead had their core defenses up in the hallways past the wide-open door. Playing as pyro, it made it a fun little gauntlet to run (that flare gun may be more effective than the shotgun against snipers…but it wont stop them from shooting) while trying to cross either through to the “1″ door or up the ramp into the vents.

    I think I enjoyed it more than the other new one (although it was still mad-pyrofest when I played the other one)

  2. stoop kid

    I have to disagree… I don’t find this map much fun at all. Pub engineers (who are usually hopeless) always end up placing sentries in the vents, flag room, or just outside of spawn. They don’t do any offensive defense, if you know what I mean, which is essential for this map to be won (i.e. the engi in pic 2 has the right idea).

    The map is also a little too simple for my liking. There’s only ever 1 or 2 ways to go, whereas in other CTF maps there is a lot more choice. I soon got bored of having to choose either the vents or the ground floor, both of which were killing fields because of the sentries that are always set up there. I much prefer turbine, but tha’ts just me.

  3. r0tax

    Wooo I’m famous…well kinda.. lol And Apparently did something right. :p

    I’ve played a few hours on this now, mid control is essential, but then it just pushes the enemy back to doing the defend on their flag thing.. As in 2, 3, 4 sentries on their point or long hallway, which in turn gets hard to work. Sometimes I had wondered if it’d be better if the choke point wasn’t created “before” the middle…but let the enemy in there so they’d disperse some, allowing allies a better chance at getting through. I dunno.. With a full 20+ people, its probably tough call either way.

    It is although, a ‘simple’ map all around..which can be fine in some cases. Learning curve is low, but it also gets boring real quick when you: run from spawn to middle, die, run from spawn, to middle die, run from spawn, through middle around a corner, die to sentry….repeat…

  4. Lowlight

    Me and Halobender have had a great time on Turbine. Basically, I love air ducts, and therefore Turbine is my favorite new map. More turbine.

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