All This TF2 Crap

June 23rd, 2008

I don’t want this to turn into a TF2 Only Blog, but the DoD:S update is dragging it’s feet, the Pyro Update came out (with all the attendant enthusiasm for new maps), and we haven’t been playing on FNF’s DoD:S Beta server. It’s hosted on Bat21‘s home dsl and is pretty laggy. Nevertheless, DoD:S guru FuzzDad has assured us the update is coming “really soon” so I expect there will be more DoD:S on here. Really soon. In the meantime, if TF2′s not your game….why? Make room for another game in your FPS heart.

  1. DoD:S Beta to go live, “really soon”, FuzzDad says
  2. The Elusive DoD:S Update…Hints
  3. Guess the Date of the Update (DoD:S)
  4. Hop on the Fragwagon, kids.
  5. New Wagoneer: Teufelsburst

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