June 18th, 2008

Meh. Got our butts handed to us in sandwich bags tonight on Fastlane. I wonder what will be different about the final version (released tomorrow)?

  1. Map Review: CP_Busytown (by Zeta)
  2. Heatseeking Demo Grenades!
  3. Victory Internet Day, War is Over!
  4. Arena Mode
  5. Meet the Sniper and Pyro Stuff.

5 Responses to “cp_fastlane_b1”

  1. War Machine

    I think I’ve played this one before and didn’t really care for it. Of course, winning has a way of making maps more fun.

  2. PadSeeEw

    That it does. Still, the map is a bit dull on the visuals.

  3. Lord_Akira

    I saw you guys playing it last night and thought I’ll wait for the final to give my first shot to.

  4. PadSeeEw

    You’re such a purist.

  5. Lord_Akira

    Not really, that was more of rationalizing going to bed on time!

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