First, let’s Meet the Sniper (tomorrow at 11am. YESS)
(Team Taco Slick, looking a bit worse for the wear – above)

Thursday, the Pyro Grinding Festival begins on a server near you!
grim is looking good!

From the steam news update:

“….two user-created maps are included to highlight the great work being done in the community and distribute those works to all TF2 players..”

This is good news! I wonder which ones they picked. I’m going to put in a bet on one of skdr‘s maps. I was invited to a test of cp_redstone, and there was a dude from Valve there. Yeah! He thanks Valve in it’s release thread, and also in the release of cp_fastlane.

Both maps, it seems to me, had boring layouts. Redstone, however, had some fantastic custom model and decal work. It definitely qualified as a having a great setpiece (even a kind of sci-fi Lunar diner). The Valve Dude, however, didn’t seem to like the diner; it added a lot of weight to the filesize, plus it was in an area that players did not frequent. I say, a good setpiece is a good setpiece – trim the fat of the map, and move that cool stuff to where players will cross it constantly. It’s worth it.

After all this yapping, it will probably be neither map. Still, I’m going to bet on Fastlane. Friendly beer bet, anyone?.

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4 Responses to “Meet the Sniper and Pyro Stuff.”

  1. r0tax

    Hmm, redstone looks familiar. I think I’ve played it…was “OK”…that open CP gets messy. It seemd to be the only path “through” and its a bit too open for my own likings.

    Fastlane looks good from screenshots, quite sure i’ve never played it..looks like some good indoor action. I like that kinda battling..

    Wi’ll have to play some tomorrow!

  2. Frank

    BEER! Someone mention beer?

  3. Some Random Guy

    The new maps are Fastlane (cp) and Turbine (ctf)!

  4. PadSeeEw

    I was right about Fastlane! woohoo! (though as a map, it is underwhelming)

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