Map Review: CP_STEEL_B4

June 11th, 2008

On FNF we like to run the occasional custom map. We steer clear of “orange maps” (come on, mappers. Those textures are for *developing* a map. It wasn’t meant to be a style). However we are up for about anything if it looks good and is fun to play.

CP_Steel_b4 is a GREAT map. I only played it once, so I’ll give you my impressions. The map has what I would call a great setpiece. I believe every map should have some area or theme that is instantly identifiable. Something memorable and original. Steel’s setpiece is a fantastic last CP, E. That’s right. There’s a lot of CP’s, A through E. Trust me, it’s fun and there’s good signage to keep you heading to the right one. CP E is a platform in the middle of a nearly bottomless pit. Attention mappers: WE NEED MORE BOTTOMLESS PITS. It was a lot of fun fighting on the catwalks in this area, because it was a deadly dance to avoid the BOTTOMLESS PIT. Also, this area of catwalks surrounded by control rooms was nicely reminiscent of the Death Star. I think [CoFR]Tactical Nuke pointed this out, to which he added, “Not that I’ve ever been there.”  Yeah right.

The cool thing about it, and this will take more playing to make sure, is that the catwalks don’t extend to the middle UNTIL blue team has captured one (or more?) of the previous caps. Cool stuff!!

**EDIT** Here’s the Primaprime Instructional Film that explains everything:

cp_steel by Fishbus from FLOOR_MASTER on Vimeo.
The central cap, surrounded by virtual bottomlessness. I think that’s Grim on the left.

Pad See Ew:  Find the controls that extend the bridge!
Grim:  I think I just blasted it….

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2 Responses to “Map Review: CP_STEEL_B4”

  1. C. E. Sum


    looks cool.

  2. Bad Neighbor

    I have yet to play this map, mostly because every server that has running is full. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the weekend because it looks like a LOT of fun.

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