From Valve’s MattBoone, posting in the DoD:S section on steampowered:

EDIT: New update coming out not today, but tomorrow.

The friendlyfire tag fix is partially done – won’t go into effect until we update the engine, which will be sometime before the beta goes live.

- achievements are now all stored locally as well for offline achievement dialog
- fixed view model lag being jittery
- fixed some viewmodels occasionally skipping their fire animations
- fixed quickswitch exploit
- fixed some overlays being too transparent
- fixed a case where an enemy player could be credited for an area capture
- playtime statistic now records time spent as class, not time alive as a particular class
- upload stats when we join spectator, change class and on changelevel
- fixed crash with ai_test_los console command
- adjusted global bloom scale
- new nemesis icon [source]

Kind of a boring changelog, I guess. New nemesis icon is good, as the “boxing gloves” one was imported straight from TF2. Hopefully this one will be more WW2-ish.

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One Response to “New Beta Update to Day of Defeat Source”

  1. stoop kid

    Good changes. I wish they’d hurry up and release it!

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