Betrayal and Shame

May 31st, 2008

This is the screenshot you never want to have to take:
pad see ew is looking good!

Everyone has their good days and bad days when gaming. If you’re me, and you’re not super elite, not even 50m3wh@t l33t, you have to find entertainment while dying in these games. Now, I realize, for the competitive TF2 people out there winning is important. When that lady says “YOU FAIL”, you feel it down in your secret soul. But for me, half my entertainment in this game is with the many outrageous ways I meet my end – sliding, flying, screaming, splattering, shattering into bits (Another Bit!), and yes – being shot by my own gun. That SG was built with care but with a singleminded intention to shoot the enemy – even if that means shooting THROUGH me to get to that enemy. Reminds me of how Bat21 likes to echo that Mel Gibson line from We Were Soldiers when friendly fire erupts all around him, “DON’T WORRY ABOUT THAT, KEEP FIRING!!”

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