TF2 Update.

April 29th, 2008

But then again, you knew that. That little STEAM icon starts chugging and before you know it, you’re playing the new map, cp_goldrush. Find real news on it at in my links section. Major Malfunction gave me an idea of how it’s going so far with this exchange between us on STEAM friends:

Major Malfunction: oh man!
Major Malfunction: you gotta try it!
Pad See Ew: yeah?
Major Malfunction: oh man o man
Pad See Ew: ok!  lol
Major Malfunction: o man
Major Malfunction: it’s so much fun the new map
Major Malfunction: go as pyro and burn all those medics
Pad See Ew: ok….lol

Ok.  Now I go to wait for a spot to open up on FNF TF2Bat21 (server Chief) said that after FNF updated, it filled to capacity in 10 seconds.

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One Response to “TF2 Update.”

  1. Slick

    Yeah, I was one of those 10 second joiners.
    That was the fastest I’d ever seen the server packed solid.

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