Ignis Solus

April 26th, 2008

For those who haven’t seen it yet (it is very old now), this is a fine piece of machinima by Lit Fuse films.

  1. Temp Fortress 2!
  2. Test Shots: Day of Defeat Source Machinima
  3. More Test Shots
  4. The Dark Knight, TF2 Style!
  5. A Ballad of Death

3 Responses to “Ignis Solus”

  1. Slick

    That was quite amusing padster.

  2. PadSeeEw

    Glad you enjoyed it. I knew I’d find somebody who had not yet seen it.

  3. DigitalLogik

    This is awesome! The pyro burns alone :( I definitely cracked up at the cow part. The meet the ? by valve are awesome as well. I’m sure you’ve seen those though.

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